Australia open for business – Mac users not welcome :-(

We’re in the midst of setting up Delib Australia – which is of course all very exciting. The great thing (I’ve been told) is that setting up a business in Australia is pretty easy. You need to get some basic things sorted, but once you’ve done this you need to fill in a few forms on the internet, and then off you go . . .

Hmmm, well there’s one bit of the process that I wasn’t told about – that is that the Australian Government doesn’t seem to welcome Mac users – as when you arrive at the all important Australia business form us Mac users are welcomed by the following message:

Australia Business Registration #FAIL

Given it’s now the tail end of 2011, a time when Apple in one of the most valuable companies in the world and where its share of the Australian computer market has risen to 14% it’s pretty shocking to find out that the Australian Government’s Business Register website requires Mac users to install Microsoft’s Internet Explorer v.5 browser – a pretty awful (and now unsupported) piece of brewer software that was launched 13 years ago in 1998. That’s definitely not the kind of forward thinking innovative Australia I’ve come to know and love, and certainly not a great advertisement for entrepreneurs like us to invest in Australian business ;-(

Please can someone in Canberra pop into the Australian Government business register’s office and make them aware of this great man and his great work for me and every other frustrated Mac using entrepreneur wanting to set up an Oz business . . .


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