Friday Consultation Round-up

Our customers have once again been working hard this week to consult online using our awesome suite of apps. Here’s 5 nice examples of consultations our customers have been running which have caught our eye this week;

1) TfL’s use of visionary images for their consultation on the redevelopment of 10 King William Street.

Transport for London have a fantastic grasp and eye for adding images to consultations to make them more visually engaging. Their consultation on the redevelopment of 10 King William Street is no exception, with the inclusion of images to show the proposed new design. Online engagement is supplemented by the opportunity to attend ‘drop-in’ sessions to discuss the proposals.

2) LBHF’s consultation on the proposal to introduce a new farmers market to a local park.

London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham are consulting on the possible introduction of a Farmers Market in Ravenscourt Park. The consultation includes an image of a farmers market and fact banks explaining further information on farmers markets to inform respondents.

3) Forestry Commission’s consultation on learning activity feedback

The Forestry Commission are consulting on feedback following their learning and activity events to inform their future improvement. The Forestry Commission have also just begun consulting on Visitor Facilities at Birchden Woods using their Dialogue App.

4) Dublin’s park questionnaire

Our Citizen Space customers regularly consult on local parks and recreational facilities, often receiving sound feedback and local interest. Dublin’s park consultation is no exception asking for feedback from local resident on what is important to them.

5) Clackmannanshire Council’s use of embedded media to seek representations on its Proposed Local Development Plan (LDP).

Using rich media and embedded consultation documents, Clackmannanshire Council have set out the Council’s proposed vision for future development in Clackmannanshire. The use of embedded documents within the consultation ensures that respondents have the appropriate context right next to the question, helping them produce an informed response.



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