Introducing our newest consultant: Sophie Mills-Thomas

Delib keeps on growing – both in number of customers and number of staff. The newest member of the team is Sophie, joining our UK office as a consultant. As is now standard procedure, she’s completed our comprehensive set of taxing questions about bands, bread and, of course, biscuits.

Sophie Mills-Thomas

1. What’s your name and where are you from?

Very Cilla B. My name is Sophie Helene Mills-Thomas, which proves a real shocker for filling out forms. Thanks Mum and Dad. I was born in the Royal Free, North London and then grew up from ages 4-21 in Henley-on-Thames, a little town in Oxfordshire which is best known for an annual boat race. I am a Bristol import as of around 3 years ago and really haven’t looked back. Great city.

2. Favourite band and/or artist?

Not much of a band gal though am into my art so shall go for two artists. Andres Serrano’s photography and the flower gardens from Monet are always a winner. Degas is pretty good too.

3. Creature of habit or maverick thinker?

Constantly flitting between the two. Probably 40% creature of habit and 60% ‘having a go’.

4. Biscuits – dunk or leave unsullied?

Half dunk. Time is of the essence, each biscuit has a different limit. Gotta eat ‘em all.

5. Before joining Delib, how did you put bread on the table?

I worked for Immediate Media, firstly on the wedding portfolio for one year and then on BBC Wildlife for just under 2 years. Constructing advertising campaigns, account managing, bit of creative/copywriting and the odd bit of debt collection.

6. Why did you want to join Delib?

I don’t think that there has ever been a time where politics and democracy has been so important, or indeed so widely discussed by all. One of the key places for participation is, of course, online – and I love the idea of involvement being accessible to all, at any time. That, to me, makes Delib an exciting company to be part of. Learning an entire new industry, in a company based around improving democracy and decision-making – I can’t really think of a better opportunity.

7. Any shout outs, comments or other musings?

I think it is really important to remain human in a world becoming more and more technologically advanced. Be digitally-minded and literate, yes, but don’t forget to keep your personality and, with that, your humanity.

Bit of a profound note to finish on there. Food for thought an’ that. You can ask Sophie questions of your own on email and/or Twitter.