Leaders’ Debate Live Blog!

23:52pm Found myself sitting next to a chap who got invited into the Leaders Debate itself, and got to ask him how it happened. Apparently, one Friday night at 7pm, he got a knock on the door from ICM. He got asked if he’d heard of the debate, if he was interested in it, and who he might be voting for. He said, yes, yes and ‘don’t know, i was going to look at a betting website to see who’d keep the Tories out’, and he got to go to the debate.

So clearly ICM are knocking on random doors, probably based on Mosaic data or something similar, and asking a few set determining questions.

Sad to say though, apparently they over booked the audience by 25 seats in case of no shows though, and ended up drawing a random ballot for who actually got into the auditorium, which this guy failed. So, he was left in a dry bar in the Arnolfini watching it on a screen.

Politics, it’s so full of heartache.

21:56pm Was going to bring you a photo of the panel at the 5 Live debate, but my iPhone’s given up it seems. Whilst i apologise to it for the tough day it’s had and persuade it to come back to life, let’s catch up with some of the photos from this evening.

So, that riot thing then. There was a huge amount of protesting going on down by the Arnolfini, everyone but the Judean People’s Front, although they may have been there too to be fair. The police handled it well, keeping the right and the left apart shall we say. Impressive stuff, they even stayed jokey and friendly as it went along.

police and protestors

They weren’t messing about though. Lines of properly kitted up riot police around the place, here’s one coming back up to St Augustine’s Parade.

riot police in a line

The people looking for a fight were determined to find one though, and there was your intrepid reporter right in the middle of it. Never photographed a riot before, it’s surprisingly difficult as it all happens so fast. It was only a small one to be fair, a riotlet if you will. Still, no one was messing about. Here’s as good a shot as was got.

riot 1

It was all over soon enough though, and disintegrated into just random shouting, and the inevitable soundsystem.

Here’s something happier from this evening, Iain Dale and Nick Robinson bumping into each other. Anyone fancy a caption competition?

iain dale and nick robinson caption competition

21:47pm Well, that was jolly wasn’t it. Lots of people listening intently here at the Radio 5 Live debate being held just a few doors down from the debate itself, populated with a carefully selected sample of local folk. Not a huge amount of reaction during the debate itself, but a few laughs here and there, and a round of applause for Nick Clegg at the end.

More interesting though is what’s going on with the Twitter sentiment tracker for the debate we put up earlier today. A few minutes after the debate, the Sun/Yougov poll seems to have declared David Cameron the winner. According to the Twitter stream we have running though, quite the opposite was true, and outrage seems to be kicking off online already.

Fascinating watching real time sentiment being pulled together into one place like that, we should do it more.

Must dash though, the show’s about to start. Iain Dale’s at the front typing away into his Blackberry. Wonder how he’s going to call it…

19:37pm Right, this post is getting really long, so I’ll start again from the top, and rejig the entire order tomorrow.

So lots going on in the last couple of hours since being away from a computer, but here’s some context for you now. I’m at the Radio 5 Live Debate at the Watershed, thanks to the help of Dick Penny, the world’s nicest man. We’re going to be watching the debate here then carrying on with discussion afterwards.

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