2016: our year in review

Tonight’s the night of the Delib Christmas party, which means only one thing: the hotly-anticipated Secret Santa gift exchange! (I’m hoping for some kind of novelty mug.)

Oh, OK, it means two things: it’s also time for our annual look back at how the past year has gone.

So: 2016, eh? Let’s leave world events to one side for a moment – there’s been no shortage of those this year (both the events and the leaving of them to one side to focus on oneself, you might say) – but that’s for other people to cover. Here’s a few snippets of what 2016 has looked like for us:

Some numbers

We’ve hit some pleasing milestone figures – including:

For us, these are encouraging signs that – even in the midst of incredibly stretched budgets and unpredictable political climates – public bodies remain committed to involving people in the decisions that affect them. And that ‘digital’ continues to become more ingrained as just an obvious and important channel for public involvement (you might be surprised how much this is not to be taken for granted!)

Some consultations

We love seeing the huge range of topics that are consulted on using our tools. From headline-grabbing national issues to hyperlocal pilot schemes; entire city spending priorities to early experiments in participatory budgeting – whenever there’s a decision that matters to people, we’re proud to see it opened up on one of our platforms.

Here’s a smattering of examples from this year:

Austin Texas Budget Simulator
The City of Austin, Texas asked for public input on spending priorities using Budget Simulator


DoH consulted on how to improve support for carers
The UK Department of Health used Citizen Space for their consultation on improving support for carers



The Environment Agency's consultation on a new nuclear power station design
The Environment Agency used Citizen Space for their (bilingual) consultation on a new nuclear power station


TfL consults on individual bus routes
Transport for London make extensive use of Citizen Space – including for consultations on a host of proposed local route changes


'Shall we put a new ramp here?', asks the Canal and River Trust
The Canal and River Trust started using Citizen Space in 2016, with an excellent consultation on Better Towpaths for Everyone


Motorcycle security trial in Southwark
Southwark Council (UK) use Citizen Space for a host of consultations, including this one on a trial scheme about motorbike anchors

Some development

As every year, we’ve continued to work on improving our products. The biggest development for us in 2016 was probably the release of Citizen Space v3. A huge amount of work went into this major overhaul, which makes it more responsive, more customisable, easier to use and just straight-up prettier. The vast majority of our 100+ Citizen Space customers are now using the new and improved v3, and it feels good to see their sites looking great and being well-used. Celebratory tapas were had.

Some events

We had our first Dialogue user group in April, up in Scotland. We also had a whole round of user groups for our Citizen Space customers in Australia and New Zealand.

We got to go to some excellent events and meetups – including, but not limited to, Demfest, GovCamp Cymru and the DigitalNI consultation event.

And, of course, that whole Boaty McBoatface thing happened – without dampening our enthusiasm for public participation. 

We also picked the hottest few days of the year to have our annual team holiday in Dorset (who said 2016 was short on reasons to be cheerful?!)

Some thanks

Lastly, a quick thank you to our customers. There’s been plenty of despair and vexation washing around about politics, government, democracy and so on – perhaps more so this year than usual. Be that as it may, we do lots of work with public bodies and government organisations and the vast majority of our experience – with civil servants, local government officers etc etc – is of people who are deeply dedicated to their work, to serving the public and the common good and who work hard to improve government and civic life generally. So thanks especially to them, for keeping our chins and general levels of optimism up 🙂

Here’s to 2017…