In the words of the Grinch, “tomorrow’s Christmas, it’s practically here!” Ok, not strictly true. But today is the last day in the office for most of the Delib team (don’t worry, we’ll still be on hand for Christmas Eve and the days in between Christmas and New Year when no one knows what day it is or when they last had a meal that didn’t involve cheese). It’s been a busy old 2018 with thousands of consultations run on Citizen Space. We thought now would be a good time to round up a few things that have happened this year so without much further ado…

Some excellent online consultations

For example, the Police Service of Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland Policing Board’s public consultation asking for people’s views on the future of policing:

Arts Council England consulting on their 2020-2030 strategy:

The National Assembly of Wales are asking people to comment on whether prisoners should be allowed to vote:

The Ministry of Education, New Zealand asked for people to share views on the future of education in the country:

Against the backdrop of Brexit, the UK Department for International Trade ran consultations on trade negotiations with other countries outside of the EU:

A consultation which the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy ran on Citizen Space in 2016 led to some positive changes for hospitality workers:

The Scottish Government consulted on whether and how the Gender Recognition Act 2004 should be amended:

The good folks at Scottish Government also asked people to comment on issues in their local communities:

The UK Ministry of Justice are working to reduce family conflict in divorce proceedings and asked for views from citizens in their recently closed consultation:

Bristol City Council, UK wanted the public to give their views on transport priorities in the city:

And that’s just a snippet of the interesting stuff that’s been happening this year! You can head to the Delib Aggregator to see more.

Some events we’ve held and attended

2018 saw four big Practical Democracy Project events take place, in Manchester, Bristol, Dublin and Wellington, plus our first mini-PDP which we held in the pub round the corner from our HQ. Each event brought up different themes which we summarised in the most recent write-up. We have big plans for our events series in 2019 so watch this space.

We also had user groups across the UK, Australia and New Zealand, which always provide a great opportunity for our customers to come together and share cool stuff they’re doing on Citizen Space and Dialogue. The most recent one is summed up in this blog post.

There were a whole host of events to attend as well, from One Team Gov Global to Govcamp to TicTec Local.

Some product stuff

As ever, we want to keep making improvements to our products. We’ve made small changes to Citizen Space throughout the year but the biggest update of 2018 was the release of Dialogue v3. Making the admin side more intuitive and efficient, we aimed to empower government to continue getting input from citizens on policy challenges online. With an interface that’s easier to use, v3 saves government time giving more capacity for running successful challenges and ultimately engaging more people in the decision-making process.

Some other things that happened

We moved office to one with a pretty sweet view:

We also had some fun away days in Devon:

We took on some excellent new people and our Australian colleagues Katharine and James both came over to visit the UK office. We also drank many Aperol Spritzes during the beautiful and hot British summer that graced us this year:

It’s been a brilliant year and we want to take this opportunity to send a huge thanks to all of our customers for doing such great work in online engagement and public participation. We’ll be back for more fun in 2019; in the meantime, Merry Christmas to all!