We Love Local Government
I ran across the We Love Local Government blog this week. It’s mixes practical tips for getting stuff done with fun insight into what it’s like to work in local government right now. Couple of links:

Participation; Reservists
One straightforward ‘how to’ piece about micro-participation. Sales pitch: we can help you with that if you’re interested (end of sales pitch). The other piece from Podnosh was intended to be thought-provoking, and is.

Place shaping
Place-shaping – another buzzword, or the future of local government? Controversial to some but gaining acceptance, here are a couple of pieces on place shaping

“The Dave Briggs corner”
The ever-helpful and prolific Dave Briggs does a great job of delivering straightforward, practical advice for local government, police + NHS staff who just need to get on with communication, consultation and engagement.

And finally…
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Here’s a recent example (with a signup form, in case you fancy it).