This is a big release announcement for us!

We’re delighted to say that Citizen Space v2 is here.

This is a major update: v2 introduces more than 50 improvements and new features, all designed to make Citizen Space faster and easier to use.

The backstory

With 100+ customers, 5,000+ admin users
 and 10,000+ consultations, we’ve accrued lots of insight into what it’s like to use Citizen Space.

We took what we learnt, listened to what our customers told us and kept a lookout for possible new technical improvements. Then, we put all those things together into a new development ‘sprint’ on Citizen Space. The result is v2.

The changes

Here are some of the more immediately noticeable changes in Citizen Space v2:

New ‘ranking’ question type

Several customers asked us about including a ‘ranking’ type question in the Citizen Space survey tool. It seemed like a good, and feasible, addition – so it’s now there in v2, allowing you to ask respondents to select ordered preferences from a set list.

Screenshot of the admin interface for ranking questionsScreenshot of the front-end interface for ranking questions



Plenty of times, people will put a consultation live and then realise they want to make a tiny amend to, say, the introductory information. Previously, you had to retract the whole consultation to do this. But that seemed like overkill. So, with v2, you can now edit some consultation details – things like start and end dates – whilst keeping the survey live.

Screenshot of consultation dashboard, showing that details can still be edited whilst it's already published

Page-by-page preview

Many of our customers run huge consultations on Citizen Space – sometimes laying out hundreds of questions across multiple pages. We’ve always had a ‘preview’ mode, letting you see how the survey looks to participants. And surely the easiest thing would be if you could preview individual pages or questions within your survey (rather than having to click through the whole thing)… So that’s now how v2 works.

Screenshot demonstrating the new dropdown menu for quickly jumping between preview pages

Text styling in WAYSWD

‘We Asked, You Said, We Did’ (WAYSWD) is a well-used feature of Citizen Space, providing a handy way to feed back to respondents on the results of previous consultations. Several people have told us that it would be nice to be able to be a little more creative with the public presentation of the WAYSWD section – including link styling, text formatting, bullet points and so on. So now, in v2, you can.

Screenshot of 'We Asked, You Said, We Did' interface, demonstrating different kinds of text formatting

Better consultation cloning

Lots of people appreciate the ability to clone consultations – it’s really handy if you run repeat surveys, or want to quickly have a good structure to work from for a new consultation. It can sometimes put quite a strain on the system, though. So we’ve done some under-the-hood tinkering; as a result, you can now clone consultations significantly faster and more reliably.

Better PDF reporting

Everybody loves an automatic PDF report. What’s not to like about being able to generate an at-a-glance summary of consultation responses? Sometimes, though, they could take a long time to actually generate (especially for people with thousands of responses). So we looked for, and found, some technical improvements – particularly with the charts – to make these reports more robust.

Screenshot of PDF report including new bar charts

All the changes

That’s not even the half of it! You can see the full v2 change list in our knowledge base.

‘Going forward’

We’re excited about putting v2 live. We hope it will keep making it easier for government to run excellent, effective public consultations, and for people to give their views on decisions that affect them.

If you’d like to arrange a demo, want to find out more about nuancing Citizen Space for your specific situation or just have a couple of questions, please do get in touch.