Bristol Open Data Hack Day

Bristol is hosting an Open Data Hack Day, which is to be part of the International Open Data Hackathon instigated by

It is being held on Friday 3rd December from 9am til 6pm at Colston Hall in Bristol city centre.

We are inviting hackers and hacks to come together to talk about and create cool digital tools. Topics will be open, but for those who want a structured challenge, we’ll have a large data set comprised of myriad ideas, comments and ratings contributed by the public during the ‘Your Freedom’ dialogue.

We have set up a Dialogue App to get the ideas rolling before the big day! This will allow more time for good ideas to be discussed and turned into great ideas. Also go get your hands on the data set from the ‘Your Freedom’ dialogue.

All you will need to bring is yourself and your laptop and best of all it is FREE to attend. For your FREE ticket please go to

The people making it happen:

If you have any questions please mail Katrina (

0845 6381848

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