OK, so the whole of the digital government Twitterati has come out of the woodwork to ‘have their say’ on what a bad job Capita have done of the new Birmingham Council website, how it’s outrageous that it cost £2.8m, how they all would’ve done it better using WordPress/Drupal/paper and sellotape/whatever is their consultancy specialised weapon of choice blah blah blah. Mostly, I’m not interested in their griping and sniping (sorry, Twitterati) but I did see one interesting and potentially constructive comparison – Paul Canning pointing people in the direction of the Utah.gov makeover. I won’t go into a detailed analysis here (Paul’s covered that on his blog) but the consensus around the Delib office is that Utah have done good. I think it’s too late to stop the #bccwebsite moan momentum but generally I prefer to accentuate the positive so how about a little bit of #utahgov love?