I’m looking to hire a few charming people to, well, charm other people. Sound like your cup of tea?

Democracy is struggling a bit right now, you might have noticed. Increasingly, traditional electoral democracy polarises as much as it represents, dividing as much as it includes. But all is not lost: democracy is multi-faceted, ongoing and more than a simple vote for the least worst option. Is someone proposing to move your bus stop? You have a right to have a word about whether it’s a good idea. Concerned about how the council spends your money managing services in austere times? They’re duty bound to consider your opinion. The process is called consultation, a key pillar of our democracy that you’ve probably never heard of.

The problem? A lot of people don’t know you can influence all of these decisions. Have you heard about a consultation or merely the negative press surrounding the decision itself? And if you have heard, were you then confronted by a web experience so horrible you recoursed immediately to the warm understanding embrace of the private sector? You might want to fill out a response but if it involves downloading a Word form on your phone or trawling through swathes of government language, I imagine you, like most normal souls, would give up and quite reasonably do something more interesting.

Delib is helping to change all of that.

We make technology platforms used by hundreds of governments and public bodies around the world that actively encourage and support citizens to participate in democratic processes and decisions, for the benefit of everyone.

Governments can be a little tricky to cajole into changing the habits of a lifetime. In fact, their very nature, structure and thinking has been designed to resist change, so persuading them to use technology that actively subverts all of this is a job for charismatic people who are driven by a sense of purpose. Could you convince a turkey to vote for Christmas? Work with us.

The jobs are for people who’ve got a few years under their belt professionally charming people in any field, with demonstrable results. Applications will be judged against: past experience, attitude, aptitude to the role and the all-important cover letter outlining your charm in a compelling way.

Rewards? These roles are mid-level with the expectation of progression as your knowledge of democracy, technology and governance increases. Delib is a small team with a relatively flat hierarchy, reporting to me mostly (joy) and ultimately the MD, Andy.  We value autonomy, hard work, honesty and plain talking above all else. As such, if you’re a fan of ‘blue-sky thinking’ or want to ‘touch base’, I’ll 110% run your application up the flagpole and not salute it.

The job is based in central Bristol, England’s greatest city. Don’t live here already? Move, you’re missing out. We provide fruit, 25 types of (arguably pointless) tea, flexi-time, your own Mac, the odd company holiday and a simple dress code: wear clothes.

Salary is £24K-26K as a starting point.

Close date: 23rd July

We follow the HMG Baseline Personnel Security Standard and you will therefore need to satisfy basic eligibility criteria/certain conditions of employment (e.g. nationality rules/right to work) and provide appropriate documentation to verify ID, nationality, employment and/or academic history, criminal record (unspent convictions only).

If you would like to apply for this position, please note that the covering letter that you send with your CV forms an integral part of our selection process. Please send your CV and cover letter to jayne@teamrubber.com and if we like the look of them, we’ll be in touch.