Delib sponsors BlueLightCamp 2013

BlueLightCamp 2013

BlueLightCamp is an ‘unconference’ for employees and stakeholders of Blue Light Emergency Services. The next BlueLightCamp will take place in April 2013. We were delighted to sponsor this year’s event, and are pleased to do so again for 2013.

An unconference is an event that has no set agenda. Instead, the course of the event is driven by the attendees. Presentations and workshops at the event are run by attendees in an impromptu manner. This style of event is great for idea generation, and for sharing current best practice.

Rowena Farr, one of our account managers, attended this year’s BlueLightCamp and said, ‘the prospect of attending a smaller, emergency services focussed event seemed exciting and timely. The day proved interesting and varied, with five different sessions and a lengthy lunch to discuss ideas further.’

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