We’ve recently completed our audit of local authority online consultation offerings across the UK. Over the past couple of months, our researchers have been exploring things like how easy it is to find and participate in consultation exercises online, and identifying best practices and common pitfalls.

We ran this audit because we wanted to understand the lie of the land and hopefully to help local authorities continually improve their offerings for online participation.

We hope that by undertaking this research and sharing our findings we can help local authorities improve their consultation processes, increase accessibility for their citizens and strengthen relationships with their communities. This isn’t just about procurement or system choices, it’s an effort to help local authorities learn from one another and our expertise. – so the audit covers things like ease of search and user journeys.

Here is a general report on our findings with an overview of online consultation pages in local authorities and top tips we have formulated from our research . Individual authorities have been sent their own audits – which we hope will prove useful in finding opportunities to improve their online public consultation and engagement.

Any comments would be great!