Demfest 2016 – the place to be

In a couple of weeks’ time – 13th-14th May, to be precise – we’re heading to Demfest 2016 (‘a new festival of democracy’). We’re such fans, in fact, that we’re sponsoring it this year (in case that massive logo weren’t clue enough…)

We’re really looking forward to the event, taking place in the rather lovely-looking Gladstone’s Library in Hawarden, Wales.

It’s a great opportunity for some not-the-usual-suspects to meet up and talk democracy. We love government ‘policy wonks’ and full-time public engagement specialists and civil servants in general as much as anyone – but it just adds something to the dynamic of an event to have ‘ordinary’ citizens and enthusiasts from all walks of life coming along and participating as well.

In addition to the excellent audience, there’s a great range of speakers lined up, too – again, across the whole gamut of democracy: everything from Hacked Off to Bite the Ballot, The Democratic Society to the Live Arts Development Agency.

Also on the bill is our very own Ben Fowkes. He’s doing a session (with Ali from DemSoc) on ‘digital tools for democracy’:

We’d love to see you there, so get your tickets now!