Eventbrite is Awesome For Offline Consultations

Even though we’ve been spreading the benefits of online consultations for years, a mix of online and offline remains popular. And when you need to organise an offline consultation, Eventbrite is an awesome way to manage it.

It’s really useful when there’s a limited capacity in the venue as you can fix the number of tickets and operate a waiting list in case attendees drop out. It also gives your event a nifty looking customisable webpage, making it easy to promote online. Plus it’s free to use, as long as your event is free too.

It’s not only useful for consultations though. Bristol City Council recently used it to promote the launch of a new museum, MShed and its Green, Open and Social event organised by Connecting Bristol. It’s also used by our sister company Rubber Republic to promote its upcoming Kitten Camp meetup.

3 thoughts on “Eventbrite is Awesome For Offline Consultations

  1. We just love Eventbrite. It removes a great deal of hassle from organising events and helps us use resources efficiently. I am just amazed that it is still free!

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