Government of Alberta consult on amateur sport using Budget Simulator

The Government of Alberta are using Budget Simulator to contribute to the renewal of the Alberta Sports Plan.

The Alberta Sports Plan Simulator is a province-wide initiative, with the results providing direction for the provincial government’s support for amateur sport over the next 10 years. It received over 1,600 responses in its first week.

The app has been completely reskinned to accommodate Alberta’s clear vision of how they wanted it to look and function. They have embedded YouTube videos throughout, primarily videos which use football/soccer examples to illustrate a transition through stages of sport competency.

Homepage of the Alberta Sports Plan Simulator showing an embedded video from YouTube and contextual information about the simulatorIn a departure from its traditional use, Budget Simulator has been customised as a ‘priority simulator’ where users allocate ‘points’ instead of currency to various sporting initiatives. Users are given 200 points which they must allocate amongst six different areas, reflecting which they feel should be prioritised by the governments. Respondents are only able to submit their views once exactly 200 points have been allocated.

The sliders were also adjusted so users could not assign a negative value of points to an area. This is a departure from the traditional functionality of Budget Simulator, where sliders allow both increases and decreases in spend.