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Delib goes agile(r)

Back in May Rowena posted about her experiences at Blue Light Camp and noted that she is a qualified Scrum Master. In fact, we have three Scrum Masters in our team, but how do new Delibbers (like me) fit in to a lean, agile structure?

Simple, we get trained. Recently, a few Delib employees were trained by agile guru Paul Goddard of Agilify, along with some of our friends from Aardman and Mobile Pie, as well as some Team Rubber colleagues.

Agile is a set of practices which aim to make teams deliver better work, faster, and in doing so make our clients happier. In the past year, Delib has grown rapidly, and has incorporated people with no prior agile experience. Many businesses use older, more established methodologies, because this is what they are used to. But are industrial revolution era practices really applicable to small, nimble digital media companies?

One of the core agile principles is continuous delivery of valuable software. This means that we don’t work for a year and then give our customers a large number of new features while crossing our fingers that they like them. Instead, we deliver “pioneer” features to some customers, and get feedback regularly before releasing them to our whole user base.

Paul illustrated the benefits of this with a seemingly simple exercise – taking a bunch of spaghetti, some rope and some sellotape, who can build the highest structure which can hold a marshmallow on top? The winning team was the one which tested whether their tower could hold the marshmallow after every change, and the losers built a huge tower which promptly fell down right at the end when the marshmallow was placed on top.

Adam with his spaghetti tower with a marshmallow on top
I tried not to look too smug after a comprehensive victory

We’ve returned roaring with enthusiasm, and ready to deliver our clients even more top-notch software and services. Our customers’ satisfaction will continue to be our highest priority day in, day out, and not the marshmallow under which our towers collapse at a crucial moment.

5 Interesting Links about Police Authorities and Elected Commissioners

Police Authorities are going through an era of unprecedented change, and the challenges faced by those working within them are numerous. Ever since the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill was first announced people inside and outside authorities have been trying to ascertain what all of this will actually mean in real terms. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to look at some of the many articles and blogs which discuss the challenges and opportunities faced, whilst also casting an eye over some of the interesting work that is being undertaken currently.

The Guardian posted this article last week looking at some of the issues around transferring power, and the less than visible public nature of Police Authorities as they currently exist.

As the volume of noise around Police Commissioners builds, somewhat inevitably candidates have begun to poke their heads above the parapet. This piece from Channel 4 suggests a few, namely New Labour dinosaurs, who are out for another crack of the whip.

The BBC also stuck their oar in last week with a look at the balancing act between occupying a political position and maintaining a supposedly neutral stance. It also raises a lot of concerns as to the nature of manifesto promises against operational needs.

If you work in a Police Authority, or indeed any aspect of the emergency services, why not share your misgivings, challenges, and even dare I say it, positive experiences with others who work in similar roles? On Sunday the 15th of April BlueLightCamp will be happening in Manchester, an ‘unconference’ style event allowing attendees to pitch sessions of their own design. If it’s anything like UkGovCamp12 it’ll be well worth attending.

And what about Police Authorities who are already doing things well and preparing for a change of leadership? One of our recent blog posts covers just that, looking at the way Avon and Somerset Police Authority have utilised their instance of Citizen Space to tie together all of their consultation activity.

Finally, why not take a look at how Police Authorities have used our Budget Simulator to help engage stakeholders more effectively around their budget consultation? It’s had many happy users which you can read more about here.

Avon & Somerset Police Authority Fridge Magnets