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An interview with Craig Thomler – new Delib Australia MD

Being a super social company we’re always keen to be as open as possible, and share as much information about us as a company, us as individuals and all the great stuff we do. So we thought the best way to start introducing Craig Thomler – our new Australia MD – to the world was via a quick interview. We did a couple a few months ago with Alison and Verne in Australia, so thought we’d use the same format (and questions).

So, here you go – first question . . .

When did you first use the internet, and what did you use it for?

I was using bulletin boards back in the 1980s before there was a publicly available internet in Australia, using a 900 baud modem, using it for games and chatting.

In 1995 I could see the potential of the internet – even though there were only a few thousand Australian users and I went to work at one of the first five commercial ISPs, running their customer service section for a few months before a group of us took off to found Australia’s first web content development and community management company.

What’s the most awesome online engagement project you’ve worked on?

Hard to pick one, but my heart always goes back to the work I did helping Telstra manage online engagement for the Wireplay gaming service in the mid-90s.

When it launched the service struggled technically to achieve smooth gameplay and there was an extremely vocal bunch of gamers criticising both it and Telstra. Though continuous community engagement and demonstrating how the community was being listened to, via online forums, we managed to turn views around. Some of their biggest critics even ended up working for Telstra!

What’s your top community engagement tip?

Listen to the community with an open heart and mind. Your community will almost always see things differently to you, have different concerns, wishes, perceptions and fears. Unless you listen actively you will never hear the true issues and will spend your time addressing symptoms – a more time-consuming, inefficient process that doesn’t deliver long-term outcomes.

Who’s your hero [and why]?

I prefer ‘small heroes’ to large heroes – there’s no-one I really look to as a perfect rolemodel, but there are tens of people who have one to two characteristics or skills I’d like to have. So here’s a list of a few people who have been heroes to me in various ways:

My wife Madeleine Clifford, who is one of the deepest thinkers and most effective strategists I know, who understands intuitively how to engage stakeholders, win and maintain their trust and deliver win-win outcomes

Pia Waugh, whose energy, enthusiasm and ability to build community and support is legendary

Rose Holley, whose vision for digitalising newspapers through crowdsourcing at the National Library is one of the most enduring and successful open government initiatives in Australia

Bernard De Broglio, who has almost single-handedly put Mosman Council on the global map as a Gov 2.0 leader

James Kliemt and Kim Charlton from Queensland Police, who have changed the game for emergency public engagement in Australia through the QPS Facebook and Twitter pages.

So there you go. I hope you now feel you know Craig a little better. If you want to get to know him even more, then follow him on Twitter @CraigThomler or drop him a mail craig@delib.net

Chris and Craig’s April Australia adventure – dates

We’re big fans of alliteration at Delib. We’re also big fans of Australia. So, to celebrate the *official launch of Delib Australia* and the appointment of our new Australian MD Craig Thomler, we’re pleased to announce the dates for *Chris and Craig’s April Australia Adventure* – a tour of Australia by Chris and Craig in April.

[Australia image – thanks to FridayMash.com]

The idea behind the tour is for us to do some *showing and telling* of the new look Delib Australia headed up by Craig, and give insights into our visions of citizen engagement 2.0 from an Australian and Global perspective; having worked doing Gov2.0 stuff for Australian Federal Government for the last 5 years, Craig’s got some great insights to share from an Australian perspective, and I (Chris) have a whole bunch of interesting global insights from my travels around the world.

If you’re interested in us dropping by to say hi + doing a *show and tell session* we’d be happy to – just drop Craig a note – Craig AT Delib.net. Here are the rough dates we’ll be visiting the different Australian States:

  • Perth / WA – Wednesday 11th to Friday 13th
  • Sydney / NSW – Monday 16th to Wednesday 18th
  • Brisbane / QLD – Thursday 19th to Friday 20th
  • Canberra / ACT – Monday 23rd
  • Adelaide / SA – Tuesday 24th
  • Melbourne / Victoria – Wednesday 25th to Friday 27th

Delib Australia launched

There’s big news today from downunder, with Delib Australia launching with local staffing and hosting to service the Australian and New Zealand markets.

We’ve updated the Delib Australia section with details and below is the media release that’s been distributed to government and technology press in Australia.

Leading UK online consultation company expands to Australia

Delib – the ‘digital democracy’ company that helped the Obama Government run their first crowd-sourcing project and supported the UK Government’s first e-voting pilots – is expanding its operations to Australia.

Delib is one of the world’s leading providers of ‘out-of-the-box’ and custom online consultation and public participation tools, having worked with governments and commercial organisations in the United Kingdom, Canada, the USA and Europe for over ten years.

Delib has already assisted local Australian governments from its UK base, however its Australian office will ensure local governments and organisations benefit from local expertise.

‘We’re excited to announce the launch of Delib Australia,’ said Chris Quigley, co-founder and CEO of Delib.

‘Having a local base allows us to better support our existing Australian customers and offer our Citizen Space and Dialogue App services to support online consultations for all levels of Australian government, corporations and not-for-profit organisations,’ Chris said.

‘Increasingly, governments and organisations are seeking innovative yet cost-effective ways of engaging with the public, and this is where Delib Australia can help.

‘We offer Australian governments and companies the ability to enhance their public engagement practices while using our management and analytics capabilities to reduce the cost and time to design, manage and respond to consultation processes.’

Delib Australia has appointed Craig Thomler – a leading open government advocate and marketing professional – to the role of Managing Director.

Delib Australia will initially be based in Canberra and cloud-host its services within Australia to provide governments and corporations with higher speed, reliability and security.

About Delib

Delib is a UK-based ‘digital democracy’ company specialising in the development and support of web-based online consultation tools for governments, not-for-profit, resources, property and infrastructure sectors.

Established in 2001, Delib worked on the first e-voting pilots in the UK and crowd-sourcing projects with the US government from 2008. The Obama Government used Delib’s Dialogue App in 2009 to run their first open government crowd-sourcing project.

In 2010 the company developed the Citizen Space platform in partnership with the UK government, a cloud-based online consultation system for governments. Citizen Space meets high standards of accessibility, security, and ease-of-use at a cost-effective price.

Delib is now one of the leading global providers of out-of-the-box and custom online consultation and public participation tools. The company works with governments and commercial organisations across the United Kingdom, Canada, US and Australia , as well as with the European Parliament.

Delib Australia is a new company founded in March 2012 as a partnership between Delib UK and Craig Thomler to deliver Delib’s services and expertise to Australia and New Zealand.

More information about Delib and its services is available at www.delib.net

About Craig Thomler

Craig Thomler is one of Australia’s leading social media and Government 2.0 advocates and practitioners.

As an entrepreneur he has founded and held senior roles at a number of early-stage technology and resources companies in Australia and overseas since 1995.

From 2006 to 2012 Craig worked in the Australian Public Service in senior online communication roles, where he developed an interest in improving public governance through strategic and innovative use of digital technologies.

In 2009 Craig was awarded the inaugural Government 2.0 Individual Innovator Award by the Australian Government’s Government 2.0 Taskforce and in 2010 he was named one of ‘The Top 10 Who are Changing the World of Internet and Politics’ by PoliticsOnline and the World eDemocracy Forum in Paris, France.

Craig blogs about social media, open government and Government 2.0 at http://eGovAU.blogspot.com and presents regularly at conferences in Australia and overseas.