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How the NHS Commissioning Board are using Citizen Space

NHS Commissioning Board logoThe NHS Commissioning Board (NHS CB) plays a key role in modernising health services with the aim of securing the best possible health outcomes for patients. They do this by prioritising patients in its decisions, addressing local priorities and meeting the rights that people have under the NHS Constitution.

NHS Planning Guidance DocumentThe Board recently published their planning guidance document Everyone Counts: Planning for Patients 2013/14.

This plan highlights the incentives and levers that will be used to improve NHS services from April 2013. It also outlines five ‘offers’ to improve the outcomes of the NHS:

  • a move toward a seven day work week for routine services
  • greater transparency and choice for patients
  • more patient participation and improved customer services
  • better data and informed commissioning to support the drive to improve services
  • higher standards and safer care

In order to support their objectives, NHS CB are currently running a number of online consultations aimed at stakeholders about the commissioning of specialised services, such as mental health care and womens’ and childrens’ services. They are also interested in feedback on the proposals for integrated care developed by the coalition of health and social care charities, National Voices. All these consultations can be found on NHS CB’s consultation hub, powered by Citizen Space.

NHS Commissioning Board consultation hub

Related to this, the Department of Health are consulting on strengthening the NHS Constitution. This consultation is aimed gaining the views of the NHS staff and stakeholders and ties in with work being carried out by the NHS Future Forum.

Quick Consult helps NHS practitioners give their views

Quick Consult consultation for the NHS

The Health & Social Care Act requires all general practices to become members of a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). CCGs will manage the commissioning of NHS healthcare from April 2013, when Primary Care Trusts and Strategic Health Authorities become defunct. The Department of Health has published a model constitution and recommends that CCGs incorporate its guidelines into their aligned practices.

As a part of this incorporation, NHS Swindon Shadow Clinical Commissioning Group used Quick Consult to run a one-off survey. The consultation was aimed at getting feedback and insights from practitioners and stakeholders about the proposed structure and constitution of the Shadow CCG.

The survey ran from 21 May to 10 June 2012, and had 50 responses. The survey was created by the Delib team in collaboration with the Chair of the Shadow CCG, Dr Peter Crouch. The questions included:

  • How happy are you with our proposals for the new Clinical Commissioning Group?
  • How well do you think the proposals reflect the views of local people?
  • Do you think this plan is enough of a shift towards GP-led commissioning?
  • How happy are you with the balance of different clinicians on the Board?
  • Do you think the proposed CCG is sufficiently transparent?
  • Are you happy with the arrangements for handling conflicts of interest?
  • Do you have any suggestions for improving our plans?

The engagement exercise revealed that approximately 80% of respondents were either ‘very happy’ or ‘happy’ with the proposed changes. Around 78% of people felt the proposal reflected the views of local people. The full report is available here. The results will help Swindon CCG move forward with confidence in their plans.

Dr Crouch says, ‘we would like to thank Delib for the highly professional way that they handled the creation of the consultation with Quick Consult. They delivered precisely what we wanted, comfortably and within the challenging timescale we were operating within. We would highly recommend their services.’

Stockport PCT choose Citizen Space as a key tool to help manage change within the NHS

With a major period of change in the NHS, many PCTs are having to increase consultation needs within a restricted budget. Having recently chosen to use Citizen Space, Stockport PCT have identified the system as a key tool to help them manage this change:

“Citizen Space is one of the key tools which will allow us to manage change within the NHS, increase consultation with less staff, and reach more and more people”
Angela Beagrie – NHS Stockport

Prior to using Citizen Space , Stockport PCT found their teams were inadvertently asking local stakeholders similar questions, often risking ‘consultation fatigue’ amongst members of the public. The trust are now able to centralise consultation activity, providing visibility for their teams on all closed, current and forthcoming consultations, and helping avoid consultation fatigue.

Stockport PCT are currently updating their Consultation Policy, which outlines a clear process for undertaking a duty to consult, and Citizen Space will be ‘at the heart of this process’. Whenever changes to their services and policies are now proposed, staff can use Citizen Space to review what patients and the public have already told them.

Stockport PCT are also encouraging their GP practices, clinics and consortia to use the site to streamline their patient experience work.

“The future of the NHS, like most businesses and organisations in this economic climate, depends heavily upon streamlining work across teams. For engagement and patient experience, this is the tool that can make it happen”.
Angela Beagrie – NHS Stockport

» Stockport PCT’s Citizen Space
Stockport PCT Case Study (printable PDF)

For more info on Citizen Space or for a demonstration, get in touch with Beccy on 0845 680 0575, or fill in our online demo request form: http://www.citizenspace.com/info/request_demonstration