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Quick Consult helps NHS practitioners give their views

Quick Consult consultation for the NHS

The Health & Social Care Act requires all general practices to become members of a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). CCGs will manage the commissioning of NHS healthcare from April 2013, when Primary Care Trusts and Strategic Health Authorities become defunct. The Department of Health has published a model constitution and recommends that CCGs incorporate its guidelines into their aligned practices.

As a part of this incorporation, NHS Swindon Shadow Clinical Commissioning Group used Quick Consult to run a one-off survey. The consultation was aimed at getting feedback and insights from practitioners and stakeholders about the proposed structure and constitution of the Shadow CCG.

The survey ran from 21 May to 10 June 2012, and had 50 responses. The survey was created by the Delib team in collaboration with the Chair of the Shadow CCG, Dr Peter Crouch. The questions included:

  • How happy are you with our proposals for the new Clinical Commissioning Group?
  • How well do you think the proposals reflect the views of local people?
  • Do you think this plan is enough of a shift towards GP-led commissioning?
  • How happy are you with the balance of different clinicians on the Board?
  • Do you think the proposed CCG is sufficiently transparent?
  • Are you happy with the arrangements for handling conflicts of interest?
  • Do you have any suggestions for improving our plans?

The engagement exercise revealed that approximately 80% of respondents were either ‘very happy’ or ‘happy’ with the proposed changes. Around 78% of people felt the proposal reflected the views of local people. The full report is available here. The results will help Swindon CCG move forward with confidence in their plans.

Dr Crouch says, ‘we would like to thank Delib for the highly professional way that they handled the creation of the consultation with Quick Consult. They delivered precisely what we wanted, comfortably and within the challenging timescale we were operating within. We would highly recommend their services.’

7 useful things for NHS consultation, engagement and patient involvement

NHS Social Media – my favourite find of last week, this is a straightforward twitter discussion for anyone involved in using social media in the NHS. The discussion takes place every Wednesday evening and is easy to join or watch. No webinar software to worry about, no forums to register for, just useful, practical discussion via Twitter.
screenshot of NHS Social Media about page

Couple of interesting pieces I’ve run across
Interesting postGP practices ‘despondent’ as they struggle to meet terms of patient participation DES. I know there are NHS politics playing out in that post – but many practices *do* struggle to use the web effectively – for a host of reasons, including time & money, understanding what patients need from online resources, and understanding what is possible (disclaimer a number of my immediate family are GPs).

Useful blog from Carl Plant (NHS digital and community manager in the West Midlands). I particularly liked this data-driven dashboard to show how busy is your hospital.
Screenshot - how busy is your hospital

Three helpful participation and online technology guides
BMA Patient and Public Involvement toolkit.
Scottish Health Council report on participation and online technology
Change Foundation social media toolkit – Canadian resource, but useful.

Things from Delib…

Easier NHS consultation and engagement
Stockport PCT choose Citizen Space as a key tool to boost consultation, including helping GP practices and consortia with patient involvement. » more about PCT use of Citizen Space.
Screenshot of Stockport PCT Citizen Space

Other Citizen Space users include Department of Health and Rotherham PCT.

Online discussions produce valuable policy responses from health professionals
This is a detailed report of the methodology, participation rates and outcomes when Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) ran an online healthcare discussion using our Dialogue App. » PDF Report.

Public involvement in health policy with dialogue and crowd-sourced ideas
A video overview of the National Dialogue on Health IT and Privacy – this was a US based public healthcare discussion using our Dialogue App. The video includes details of how the process was designed to achieve high participation rates.

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