Thames Tunnel consultation enters its latest phase

Thames Water have recent launched the next stage in their Thames Tunnel online consultation. The two new surveys are running once again on Delib’s WordPress and Quick Consult-powered site.

The latest phase of the consultation is based on some of the key feedback from the second phase that ran from 4 November 2011 to 10 February 2012 (view the summary report from Phase 2). Specifically, the consultation aims to gain feedback from Londoners on proposed amendments to the plan in four specific sites: Barn Elms, Putney Embankment, Victoria Embankment and Albert Embankment.

In adding this phase, Thames Water are actively listening to and utilising the feedback from stakeholders who have participated in the consultation’s previous phases.

The consultation has again made use of the ‘Fact Bank’ feature in Quick Consult which has been used to embed a PDF outlining proposed amendments. This helps respondents to understand the specific nature of the consultation before submitting a response.

Screenshot of question on Barn Elms with a PDF embedded using the Fact Bank feature

Amendments are proposed for these 4 sites in new ‘Supplementary site information papers’ created in response to comments about the sites.

The latest phase of the online consultation is open until 5pm on 4 July 2012. If you live in London, click on the link to have your say!

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