We work on a continuous improvement model for our software products, releasing a new and improved version of Citizen Space, with product enhancements and new features, 10 times a year. Before we fully release a new feature, we ‘pioneer’ it with a small number of customers to iron out any final user experience or other issues.

The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham are currently pioneering our Response Publishing feature. Response Publishing will allow customers to publish appropriate responses made to their consultations. The feature was first used by the Scottish Government for its Scottish Referendum consultation, for which they published over 18,000 responses made by the public.

Response Publishing lets customers redact sensitive personal data, inflammatory or otherwise inappropriate content from responses, or sections of responses. Customers may also provide an explanation for each redaction for later reference.

LBHF are using the feature in their Learning and Listening Survey. They like the fact that Response Publishing will allow them the option to report, for example, the age, gender and location of respondents, in reference to their response. They plan to publish a sample of responses after the survey closes.

LBHF Learning and Listening Survey

Once this feature is on general release, customers will be able to use it on a per-consultation basis. A consultation with Response Publishing will require a permission question, which determines how much of each response may be published, if any. For example, LBHF’s permission question looks like this:

LBHF Response Publishing permissions question

The way respondents answer this question will automatically categorise that person’s answers appropriately within Citizen Space. For example, the answers from a respondent who selects, ‘No, I do not want my comments published.’ will not be scheduled for moderation and redaction, as they cannot be published under any circumstances.

Publishing responses could help customers further engage with the communities they serve by offering transparent information that citizens can relate to.

Would you like to pioneer our Response Publishing feature? Please get in touch by emailing info@delib.net to get started.