The most epic commute in the world: Vancouver to Victoria

Back in December I wrote about the most awesome commute in the world (in Sydney). I’m pleased to say I’ve just gone one better – with a commute from Vancouver to Victoria by sea-plane.

So, flying to work is fairly epic in itself, but mix that with the fact that the runway is the sea, I got to ride alongside the pilot in the cockpit (every boy’s dream!) and the pilot’s playing jazz to keep himself (and me) chilled whilst flying through some epicly sea-soupy weather at 300 feet (which is frisking low BTW) – then all this tots up to be off-the-scale-awesome 😉

Here’s some snippets of my sea-plane adventures from earlier today . . .

We board the plane at the end of a pier (obviously)


I get to ride up front with the pilot (whoop!)


The pilot turns on the jazz, and we reduce our height from 1500 feet to 300 feet to keep below the cloud


We approach a murky and rainy Vancouver


After we land, the pilot proudly shows me his calming jazz CD that got us safely home


Parked up, we all head home to a wet downtown Vancouver


One thought on “The most epic commute in the world: Vancouver to Victoria

  1. Quite a high flight then! – I would have thought that our commute from London to South West France was just as awesome – remember I flew you & Ben across the English Channel at around the same height for the same reason – low cloud. On that occasion my main worry was bumping into a 15 storey cruise ship so we all had our eyes on stalks!

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