Using Citizen Space and Dialogue App together – suggestion 1: start an Ideas Lab

Ever found yourself in that situation where you’ve got a whole host of ‘tools’ and ‘channels’ and ‘systems’ for public interaction, but it’s a struggle to actually bring them together and put them to good use? We’ve just put together a quick document outlining some of the ways you can combine two of our apps to make your online engagement even more effective.

From the doc:

You could start an Ideas Lab – an ongoing way for stakeholders to share creative ideas for improvements.

The theory

Dialogue App uses a peer rating system – anyone can rate anyone else’s idea. This surfaces the best contributions. It’s a great way to find out what your citizens themselves think are good ideas. This makes it ideally suited for an ongoing, open Ideas Lab about ways to improve a city, service or activity.

The practice

Open your organisation to the creativity of the public! Use Dialogue App to run the Ideas Lab itself, with people submitting ideas, ratings and comments. Then use Citizen Space to promote the Ideas Lab: showcase it as a featured consultation, email consultees and invite participation.

Dialogue App rating system
Dialogue App rating system

Bristol City Council did it…

They had a lot of success with a pioneering, mayor-led City Ideas Lab. For more detail, see

Bristol City Council - George's Ideas Lab
Bristol City Council – George’s Ideas Lab

Download the full PDF for more suggestions (no ‘registration required’ or any of that, don’t worry) – or wait for more blog posts!

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