We’re looking for a full-time Account Manager to join our software company. Our Head Office is based in Bristol UK, but we’re growing and need someone to help look after our customers in Wellington. If this sounds like the exciting opportunity you’d jump at then read on…

Job Description:

150+ government organisations around the world use our products to consult the public and involve citizens in democratic decision-making. Your job will be to retain and grow that customer base by looking after our customers, building relationships, identifying new opportunities for people to use our tools and services, and by providing fantastic support to our current users.

This role is equal-parts reactive and proactive work: often, you’ll be responding to incoming enquiries or helping admin users when they flag up an issue. However, it’s also essential that you’re able to actively go out and engage with our customers and market. We need you to have an empathetic and supportive mindset, an understanding of how to expand a network and an enthusiasm for introducing more people to what we do.

You’ll be responsible for ensuring customers are happy, retained and would refer us on to other organisations. If we get this right, it’s an all-round win: we’re happy, our customers like working with us, and together we’re helping citizens connect better with decisions that affect their lives.

Delib is a small company (there are about 25 of us in the whole team) and account management is key to the business – sitting between our customers, sales, and software development.

A ‘typical day’ is varied and isn’t always ‘typical’: it might involve calls with our developers and UK office to plan out work, solving issues for our customers, speaking with them to ensure their needs are met and that they are happy, training teams, and more. You’ll likely find yourself regularly visiting our Ministries and government departments, and occasionally flying to Australia and beyond to present at events, provide training, or meet colleagues and customers there. To do this role, you need to be compassionate, inquisitive and open-minded, and happy to be flexible to ensure that customer needs are met. We are looking for people who search out opportunities to make things better and who get things done. This role is a remote-working one, with the choice to be based at home or in a shared-working space, whichever works better for you. We’ll get that sorted with you.

You’ll need to learn product knowledge and also, in time, become an expert in the market we work with – digital in government. It helps if you have a hook of interest in Delib – whether it’s an interest in government, in digital or just generally in doing a worthwhile job. As well as customers in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and wider EU, we often work with public sector organisations in Canada and the US as well, so your customer-base could be nicely varied.

We will expect you to:

  • Be responsible for a specific set of our customers, and work with other global account managers as needed
  • Work with the sales team to take on new customers, then take those customers through our on-boarding process. Maintain the account relationship and ensure we retain the customer
  • Communicate with customers by phone, email, and face to face
  • Deliver product training, both face-to-face sessions and web-based screen-shares
  • Identify and grow opportunities within existing accounts where additional products/services can be useful to the customer
  • Manage feedback on product improvement
  • Help resolve support and account admin issues
  • Work with the production team to get customers’ needs met; be able to understand and translate technical queries between customer/developers and vice-versa
  • Build profile with our customers and the wider digital democracy/gov community by sharing news and thinking at events, via Twitter, blog posts, presentations etc.
  • Seek references, recommendations & case study opportunities from customers
  • Be aware of legal frameworks and statutory information pertinent to our products.

Who We’re Looking For:

To be considered for this role, you will have worked in account or project management for at least a couple of years with a good understanding of how the job works.

We’re not looking for a fresh graduate (although we do hire those for other roles) or anyone else who needs the basics of account management explained, so our apologies but please don’t apply if that sounds like you.

We need you to be good with words and have a desire to learn. This is a consultative role focused around supporting people, so warmth and personality count for a lot. All our jobs are pretty autonomous, so you’ll also have to be self-motivated, positive and determined.

Working with other time zones like the UK means, sometimes, your hours will shift (your day won’t always be a conventional 9-5).

We’re a small, smart, hard-working team who care about our customers and building a better democracy. You’ll be working closely with your colleagues who will support you to learn and get to grips with what we do.

What Happens Next?

If this sounds like a good fit, please get in touch. Send us a cover letter (to jobs@delib.net) and your CV. We’re more interested in covering letters than in CVs. If we like the look of yours, the first step will be a telephone chat, followed by a standard hiring interview. We run an anonymous hiring process, this doesn’t mean you need to leave your personal details off your application, just that those making any hiring decisions won’t see them. We’re committed to diversity and inclusion and we’d love to receive an application from anyone who feels this role is the right fit for them.

We’re committed to diversity and inclusion and we’d love to receive an application from anyone who feels this role is the right fit for them.

Starting salary is $65k rising to $70k after a successful 90 day trial period. We review salaries as and when we can and as people progress.

Also, you need to know that we follow standard security checks and you will therefore need to satisfy basic eligibility criteria/certain conditions of employment (e.g. nationality rules/right to work) and provide appropriate documentation to verify ID, nationality, employment and/or academic history, criminal record (unspent convictions only).

We will not accept applications via recruitment companies.