I need to hire someone to help improve democracy, which, as you may have noticed, isn’t functioning terribly well right now. Democracy is multi-faceted and by extension multi-broken but that doesn’t mean that hope is lost or that people aren’t trying to change things. Delib is part of that change and we want to continue to scale our work and its impact. To do that I need to hire a Commercial Consultant.

Delib is a digital democracy company that makes online software platforms and products which are in use by 160+ governments bodies around the world, mostly in Australia, New Zealand and Europe, with the latter managed from Bristol, England’s greatest city. 

Our technology helps involve the public in the ongoing decision making of governments, decisions which directly affect the lives of all of us. Everything from planning for the impacts of climate change, to setting policing priorities, to historic constitutional issues. That’s mostly done by a process called consultation, a key part of every policy, regularly and service change, which had become somewhat staid and certainly not as democratic as it was originally intended to be. The internet has helped to reverse that and increasingly our technology is used to run more effective, more inclusive and more open democratic processes, in ways that weren’t possible 20 years ago. 

We also recognise that lasting change can’t be achieved without educating and informing public officials and people hoping to progress into public service. As such, Delib hosts the Practical Democracy Project event series, the Practical Democracy Podcast and a publishing operation, all of which spread professional knowledge and practice. 

The difficulty with Delib’s work, and indeed our mission more broadly, is that it’s not always easy to persuade public bodies to procure our technology, for any number of reasons: pressure on budgets, a top-down approach to decision making, a change in political leadership, a comms team who’ve seen snake oil for sale, etc, etc, etc. Consequently, Delib has developed a solid commercial arm which already includes consultants, content writers and communication roles.

How it works
Potential customers appreciate that we sell our products in an intelligent and helpful way, grounded in an understanding of their needs.

Sometimes the job involves people approaching us, sometimes we have to find them ourselves – but either way they can’t buy anything unless they understand how the products work. As such, a big part of what we do (and what I’d need from you) is to generate interest in having a demonstration of our platforms. Most of the time we do it remotely via screenshare; sometimes we do it in person.

In order to manage our commercial goals we do all the usual things: operate a CRM system, audit markets, look for emerging markets, plan sales-based marketing campaigns, obsess over individual and company pipelines, establish short, medium and long term sales targets and yes, we also have strict KPIs, which you’ll be expected to hit.

In time, the role will evolve as your knowledge increases, with the expectation that you will demonstrate Delib’s technology and close your own sales.

We have the flattest management structure possible, with this role reporting to me directly (joy) and ultimately Andy, the MD, without any of the usual layers of corporate nonsense, processes or language. 

Who should apply?
I need someone first and foremost with a work ethic, a brain and quite possibly a point to prove. Our work is difficult, knowledge based and long-term, and the win condition of selling anything can be months aways. As such, the virtue of patience is key with a real emphasis on building genuine relationships with public officials who you could still be working with in ten years time, assuming the sale doth made. 

In an ideal world you’ll also have:

  • a few years in a consultative commercial role under your belt, preferably in a B2B environment
  • an appreciation for autonomous working
  • an appetite to learn really rather a lot about democracy
  • flexibility to work with potential customers in Australia, New Zealand and other territories, which can involve early starts or evening calls
  • the ability to explain complex ideas, simply
  • a pedantic respect for grammar, punctuation and proof reading
  • an utter disrespect for business speak (we don’t touch base, even moving forwards)

What’s in it for you?
If your primary motivation is cash we’re probably not the company for you.
We reward people with: excellent working conditions; autonomy; office chairs that cost more than your first car, free food (and 73 types of arguably pointless tea); company holidays; your own Mac; a single line dress code – wear clothes; and the chance for your work to directly improve democracy. Salaries are based on capability and rise in comfortable chunks as your knowledge and ability to create sales is proven.  Sorry, no Mondeo.

We’re offering 25-30K as a starting salary based on experience and the job is based in Bristol. Don’t live here already? Move, it’s rad. 

Cheers! Ben F.

The closing date is December 20th for this post and applications can be sent to jobs@delib.net.

You also need to know that we follow the HMG Baseline Personnel Security Standard and you will therefore need to satisfy basic eligibility criteria/certain conditions of employment (e.g. nationality rules/right to work) and provide appropriate documentation to verify ID, nationality, employment and/or academic history, criminal record (unspent convictions only).

Please no recruitment companies, it’s not our thing.

Privacy Notice for UK & EU Job Applicants