We want to have our products used by every democratically accountable organisation in the world, transforming – in small but significant ways – the lives of hundreds of millions of citizens. That means we need to be talking to a lot of people who work in the public sector.

To help us with that, we’re looking to hire a Commercial Consultant.

Sales jobs that don’t suck
We operate a consultancy-focussed sales team that helps people to understand our software products and their potential applications. In the 10+ years we’ve been doing this, we’ve grown to be a well-established, well-liked supplier to government organisations around the world. We want to add to our sales team so that we can keep persuading more people that what we do is a good investment and A. Good. Thing.

Sales jobs can suck
We know that sales jobs often suck. Sales can and should be a force for good; a way for people to understand and buy something that they find useful, progressive and ultimately needed. Unfortunately, the way that sales teams are structured and managed often precludes this, with an attitude and an approach that ceased to be genuinely effective in about 2006. It might be pushy tactics; hounding a huge number of people for a small return; perhaps it’s the enforced speech and manner that’s expected of you; regardless, the common sales job can best be described as reward by brute force.

If you’d prefer a shot at selling something worthwhile, in a manner that doesn’t repulse you, all for the ultimate gain of society, do read on.

How it works here
Our market – public bodies – appreciate that we sell our products in an intelligent and helpful way, grounded in an understanding of their needs.

Sometimes the job involves people approaching us, sometimes we have to find them ourselves – but either way they can’t buy anything unless they understand how the products work. As such, a big part of what we do (and what I’d need from you) is to generate interest in having a demonstration of our platforms. Most of the time we do it remotely via screenshare; sometimes we do it in person.

In order to make those sales we do all the usual stuff: operate a CRM system, audit markets, look for emerging markets, plan sales-based marketing campaigns, obsess over individual and company pipelines, establish short, medium and long term sales targets and yes, we also have strict KPIs, which you’ll be expected to hit.

In time, the role will evolve as your knowledge increases, with the expectation that you will close your own sales.

Who are you?
I need an individual with something to prove, coupled with the mental acumen to learn comprehensive products and market knowledge.

That person should have solid grounding in a commercial role – it must be your last or current job. I appreciate that lots of roles include an element of selling, but if it doesn’t directly keep a roof over your head, don’t apply. I know it sounds a bit harsh, but I just want to save everyone’s time and focus on the people who can do it.

What are you doing now? I’m not entirely sure – maybe you worked in a corporate environment for a couple of years and learned the basics the hard way; maybe you sold people TVs; you might have a background in digital or media sales; frankly, I don’t care. What does matter to me is finding an individual with the work ethic, brains, and hunger to grow into this role over time.

What’s in it for you?
If you want a career based on accelerating job titles, ‘managing a team’ or a personal worth based on the grade of your company car, we’re not for you. Delib operates a relatively flat management structure, that rewards performance with opportunities, salary increases and comfy chairs.

We’re offering £25k-£30k for the role, depending on experience. The fringe benefits are in line with the usual tech company stuff: Macs, second screens, trips to the pub if you like that kind of thing, 25 types of (arguably pointless) tea… We also share an office in central Bristol with our sister company, Cannes award-winning viral film company and all-round good time, Rubber Republic.

The job is based in central Bristol. Don’t live here already? Move.

Ben F, Commercial Director

Also, you need to know that we follow the HMG Baseline Personnel Security Standard and you will therefore need to satisfy basic eligibility criteria/certain conditions of employment (e.g. nationality rules/right to work) and provide appropriate documentation to verify ID, nationality, employment and/or academic history, criminal record (unspent convictions only).

Kim is handling cover letters and CVs, the former being most important. Please send yours to jobs@delib.net. Closing date Friday 31st May.