We’re hiring: outbound comms

We need some comms help. We’ve got a lot of things we want to say and a lot of people to whom we want to say them. There’s way more ‘saying interesting things to the right people’ to do than we can manage with our current capacity (we’re a small team, about 20 in total). So we’re looking for a full-time content writer/researcher/reporter to join us and do a whole bunch of high quality, proactive communicating.

This is first and foremost a new business/sales role. We’re expanding our efforts to grow our customer base and you’ll be working closely with our sales team. Your primary responsibility will be to increase the number of people interested in us and our products, and to increase the level of that interest.

About you

There are three key things we need from someone to excel at this role:
  • exceptional at being articulate. You need to turn thoughts, facts, opinions and information into engaging content – quickly, repeatedly, with a good understanding of your audience and subject matter, to a consistently high standard, without a load of prompting or hand-holding.We get that digital democracy is quite a specific niche; we don’t expect you to know it inside-out before you apply and we will bring you up to speed but some interest in politics, civic society, democratic participation etc – and, more importantly, a capacity to learn fast – is pretty key.The exact form of the content will be up to you: it might include images, graphics and video but it will always include words, so we’re looking for an excellent writer.
  • relentlessly ‘outward-focused‘. You must be keen to engage with the outside world, happy making noise in public, energised by looking for new people to talk to. This job isn’t about refining internal company strategy or quietly working through a backlog of essays that need writing. It’s all about getting to know people in our network and market, understanding what they’d enjoy hearing from us and taking the initiative to bring those two things together. You need to get a buzz from getting stuff out into the world, seeing people share it and talking about us more and more.
  • sufficiently organised and driven to actually make it happen. This job isn’t about writing a certain number of words or researching a certain market segment and then handing the result on to someone else to do something with. Lots of the initiative and responsibility will rest directly with you. You’ll be researching material, writing thoughtful stuff about it and disseminating it to interested people yourself. So you need to be good at things like scheduling and contact management as well as ideas and words.
Beyond that, there are many possible ‘nice to have’ qualities: team player, nifty with statistical analysis, GSOH, frequent cake-baker etc etc. But if you can do this job, you can figure out things about yourself that add value and sell them to us in your application.

About the job

This is essentially a content production and dissemination role. Your primary responsibility will be conceiving, making and sharing interesting material, to build our presence, profile and influence and, above all, to provide our audiences with good service – stuff that makes their lives easier, helps them do their jobs better and ultimately improves civic society.
Specifically, your regular work will include things like:
  • Content research, news monitoring, regularly reading relevant books/studies/articles etc
  • Identifying and participating in relevant events
  • Planning content and contact campaigns
  • Producing timely thought pieces
  • Arranging interviews/content contributions from relevant experts/leaders in our field
  • Writing customer stories/case studies of our work in action
  • Producing documents, landing pages and other supporting material for new business campaigns
  • Producing a regular newsletter and other recurring email activity
  • Reviewing effectiveness of content, monitoring analytics
Our office is a professional-yet-relaxed open plan environment. We’re a small, smart, hard-working team and you’ll be working closely with our senior sales consultant, our team of account and territory managers and our marketers.
Exact salary depends on experience but it’ll likely be somewhere in the region of £23k-£27k.
If this sounds good to you, please get in touch. Send us a cover letter (to Jayne@delib.net) and your CV. We’re more interested in covering letters than in CVs. If we like the look of yours, we’ll get you in for a standard hiring interview.
We follow the HMG Baseline Personnel Security Standard and you will therefore need to satisfy basic eligibility criteria/certain conditions of employment (e.g. nationality rules/right to work); and provide appropriate documentation to verify ID, nationality, employment and/or academic history, criminal record (unspent convictions only).